Monday, 16 February 2015


Here's another vintage Urban Decay for you! Once upon a time this polish had a matching "XXX Shine Lipgloss" to go with it however that's long finished! I love this colour in the bottle but it is so very sheer once it's on the nail.

I usually put this over a pink/coral creme polish but thought I would do it straight from the bottle for the purpose of authenticity. I used 3 coats here, could possibly have needed a 4th but that still wouldn't cover the VNL or been any more opaque. What makes this polish is that it's sheer; it really makes the glitter particles pop and from further away this polish is a proper tan-enhancing stunner. I do have a back up of this colour as it's stunning layered over creme polishes for those summer-perfect toes :)

This bottle has stains from my Rimmel "Arresting" on it as it was in the same washbag when the original bottle of "Arresting" broke! :)

Happy Factor
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Cali369 said...

Complete love for this one too, even though it's sheer. I think the suspension of the sparkle is similar to Clarins 230 although without the duochromeness. I too have a backup of this one (picked up for a steal from