Friday, 28 February 2014

FUN FRIDAY: Primark Stick-On Nails - Cats!!

I was in the bargaintastic retail emporium that is Primark for my usual fix of, ehm, 30inch leg bootleg jeans... Yeah. I love their bootleg jeans. Fits my a$$ perfectly. And they're a tenner. Can't go wrong?! But they don't always have the short length in stock and right now I was rather desperate as the crotch is going in the old pair after a year of constant wear... But today was my lucky day! :) On my way to the tills I saw their massive selection of stick-on nails. I need to go back for some more styles but for now, these came home with me along with the jeans! Paw-some!!

Oh, and I saw on British Beauty Blogger that is now shipping to the UK!! Who needs to pay off the mortgage, I need Sephora Formula X and Marc Jacobs nail polish!! Oh wait, they won't ship these international as they are 'hazmat'. Oh well, but there's still loads to buy :)

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