Monday, 30 September 2013

GUEST REVIEW: Seventeen Doll'd Up 3-way Liquid Eyeliner

Seventeen Doll'd Up 3-way liquid eyeliner looks intimidating at first glance. At least to me. I do not wear make up on a regular basis and eyeliner feels somewhat alien to me (I still manage to be goth sans dark and smokey eyeliner ;P).

The lovely Lina-Elvira gifted me this wonderful eyeliner a while back and I really really like it! It's easy to apply for a noob like me and it stays on and does not smear at all. Unlike regular eyeliner, this one stays pitch black all day long and does not fade one bit. But once you do want it to come off, it's not hard to wash off with a good eye make up remover.

Since this little liquid awesomeness came into my life I have put on make up more often than ever before. I'd say that is a pretty high grade for an eyeliner if you ask me...

Yours gothfully,
Zeke the Evil Beech

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