Wednesday, 20 February 2013

NOTD: OPI "La Paz-itively Hot" Matte with Confetti and Concrete

I have a heap of new stuff to review, and it's actually starting to annoy me that I have to write about everything... So I got some more new stuff today. Ahem. Anyway. I DID get the pink Barry M textured polish but I then saw something else and I was off on another nail polish adventure. Seventeen (Boots brand that used to be 17) has brought out 4 textured polishes. And then I saw the Confetti top coat from L'Oreal Color Riche... I also scored a 7 day trial of the new Lancome Teint Visionnaire foundation, so I will be reviewing that as well. Anyway onto my NOTD. I decided that I needed something hot to go with the black so I chose my fave OPI "La Paz-itively Hot" Matte but then didn't like the finish with the accent nails. So I slicked on a coat of MegaShine and all was well again. This is my first mani with 2 accent nails - I suppose you have to get the inspiration to pull these off and I have been lacking in inspiration lately... I did 2 coats of colour for the OPI and 2 coats of the Seventeen polish, which is called 'Rock Hard Nail Effects Black'. I have a feeling my lovely friend The Evil Beech will LOVE this one :) I put a coat of the Confetti top coat over the OPI on my index finger.

I also attended my OPI GelColor course today, I always enjoy training days and this one was really well run. I was amazed at the qualities of GelColor compared to Gelish and some the DIY gel polishes. It doesn't use primer, just Bond-Aid (ChipSkip is the retail version of Bond-Aid, in case some of you might be using that already). And it literally comes off in a nicely peeled off sheet after 10 min, with no buffing of the top seal... The course offer was that you got a starter set as you see in the photo when attending, with the base and top coat and a colour. I was glad to see the colour wasn't something like "Samoan Sand" or the like but an actual colour I would wear. The one I got was "Big Apple Red". We also got an OPI nail 'wheel' which I put to good use and swatched some of my gel polishes on. When you attend the training you also get the manual and an instruction DVD. If you are interested in learning GelColor, check with your local beauty wholesale outlet - many usually do courses which can be attended even if you haven't got a beauty qualification. I go to Capital Hair & Beauty. I can't wait to get myself some more GelColor polishes, first on the list I think will be "I have a herring problem" :)

L to R: OPI "Big Apple Red", Sensationail "Raspberry Wine", Depend Gellack "122", Gellux "Rosie Anna", Depend Gellack "163" and Gelish "Oocha Coocha.."


CharleyLou Designs said...

Ive been looking at doing the opi course. Do you need to be qualified in nails before you do the course?
Love the colours on your swatch wheel

Lina-Elvira said...

Hi no you don't need to be qualified in nails for the course at Capital but I am not sure if that applies to other courses. It does help to have a basic knowledge of nails.