Sunday, 18 August 2013

Seventeen Rock Hard Couture Nail Effects "Cameo Crush"

In evening  light

In the light from the kitchen spotlights - you can almost see the gold glitter
So I ended up buying this entire collection so stay tuned for the last 2 of these polishes in the coming couple of weeks... :D I just love the bejewelled, textured effect of these! "Cameo Crush" reminds me of a more blue version of Isadora "Ocean Crush" as it doesn't have the duochrome effect of the Isadora. This is again 2 coats over my Bourjois gel effect base coat. It applies very well and dries within 10 mins.

When this dries down, it does display a gold glitter and gets a bit darker. It's lovely in real life but I am struggling to get this to photograph well :-/ I will try another daylight shot tomorrow to see if that works better!

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